Collector's Show Volunteer Schedules

SWAA will have booths at Prairieland Park, Saskatoon at:
-  The 2018 Collectors Show, March 16 - 18

We are looking for volunteers to be at those booths. Volunteers will have the opportunity to display and sell their artwork while they are on their shift. They will also be expected to help sell our raffle tickets while promoting our association and the Reflections of Nature Show & Sale. 

Contact Beth Campbell: 
-   or phone:  306-260-3408

Volunteer Schedule for
2018 Collectors Show
March 16 - 18
Show Website

There should be a minimum of 2 volunteers / shift.

NOTE: Beth will be at a wedding out of city on Saturday - Sunday morning. 

FRIDAY. March 16                                     
Fri Mar 16Set-up  at 3:00Beth, Brian M, Lori, Lola, Charlie, Rina, Leroy
Fri Mar 166 - 10 pmBrian & Connie McConnell
SATURDAY, March 17  
Robin & Jack Magera will work Saturday & Sunday to cover whatever shifts someone else doesn't. 
Sat Mar 1710 - 2 pmJack & Robyn Magera
Sat Mar 172 - 6 pmTrudi Olfert & Robyn Magera
SUNDAY, March 18                                  
Sun Mar 1810 - 1 pmIrene Stroshein & Wayne Keating
Sun Mar 181 - 4 pmIrene Stroshein and Lola & Charlie 
Sun Mar 18Take-downBeth & Brian

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