Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month
Starting with 1/2 hr networking & visiting time at 7:00 pm
Meetings begin at 7:30 sharp
Holy Convenant Orthodox Church Basement - use side door
1426 Alexandra Avenue, Saskatoon 


June 9, 2015

1.               Call to order

2.               Minutes from last meeting

Lori moved that we adopt the meetings as read. Seconded by Paul Perron. Carried.

3.               Business Arising from minutes
Does Gord Taylor have any special needs as Feature Artist?
Tanya Nault will take care of Quick Draw and also help at the auction.

4.               Finance: No report.

5.               Sponsorships:  Beth & Lana have revised the sponsorship packages. Brian has sent out invitations to sponsor. See attached list.  Sponsorship letter has been updated and sent out.

6.               Booths:  Brian has sent out the packages. Let Brian know of anyone who may be interested.

Chet Neufeld – Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan         
306-668-3940 Email:
Box 21099, Saskatoon, SK  S7H 5N9

NOTE – since this meeting Chet has contacted Beth to regretfully decline since another event has taken priority. He is hoping to come next year.

7.               Graphics
Contact Harvey Rebalkin if you need posters or invitations.
Beth has put a PDF of the double-sided invitation on the blog – these have been printed on bright yellow paper.

Still to be produced: Buttons – Handouts – Thank you Cards - Workshop flyer - Auction booklet - Banquet tickets

8.               Advertising – Harvey Rebalkin will be sending out information to papers in the area to see about putting something in about are show. Any suggestions please email Harvey at

9.               Competition information on websites & book
Beth has the latest version of the book posted on the web site  
Beth has updated website/blog to reflect current changes and has been updating the FB page.

10.           Records – data base? Mail-out?
Audrey was wondering about some of the items that she normally sends out in the packages: small poster, wine & cheese invitation  Records and Data Base Ready to go.

NOTE: Since this meeting Audrey has put together packages.
11.           Judges – Harvey Welsh looking after the judges. Lori has been in touch with Gayle Adams and is awaiting a reply to see if she will be attending. Maybe be a judge suggestion.

12.           Demonstrations
Beth has been arranging presentations and artist demos to take place Saturday & Sunday morning.
She has been in touch with Elizabeth Yonza and The Prairie Sculptors Association. They may want a booth to demonstrate sculpting techniques.

We explored the idea of having a “Keynote Speaker” such as Greg Johnson – We think that we have enough happening and this would be an unnecessary expense.

Photo slide show. Invitations will be sent to Gord Taylor and the Grambos to see it they can put something in. A notice has gone out to SWAA members.
Beth spoke to a few Camera Club members. It was recommended that they be contacted again in the fall.

13.           Workshops
Loretta Metger will do a Paverpol workshop
Wendy Risdale will do a Pastel workshop

NOTE: Since this meeting Harvey Welch has confirmed that he will do two workshops for the carvers.

14.           Ribbons – Don Penner is looking after getting the ribbons.
15.           Recording / Registration
16.     Signage
17.          Venue
 Where will the banquet be on Saturday night?

18.           Volunteers – Vijay Kachu would probably be interesting in helping out.
Beth has been contacting new volunteers to see if they would help with the pumpkin carving. Robin Klaus has confirmed.

Wine Cheese – Beth has contacted Mayor Atchinson to see if he will attend opening
Pin Carving / Postage Stamp – need to contact artists to ensure they know. Did mention it in the invitation to the spring BBQ.
Pumpkin Carving – Beth has contacted mayors of Saskatoon, Warman, Martensville, Rawlco Radio Group, Saskatoon Media Group, Saskatoon Community Radio, Global Morning News 
The pumpkins will be auctioned off on Sunday with the proceeds split between the Saskatoon Zoo Society and Reflections
Does the feature artist have any special needs?
Who looks after the Pin Carving?

19.             Notable achievement display
Cam Merkle – Reuban Unger – Ernie Fehr ??
Beth contacted:
- Paulette Sapergia – yes she will display her coin
- Bob Lavender – probably not

20.             Auction
-       Cam will contact the auctioneer
-       have artists submit images of their work early to be included in a booklet promoting the auctions. Pieces can still be submitted during registration days.
-       Reserve bids permitted

21.           Other business ??
Chris to look for a TV to put at the show so we can put on the TV what is happening and when.
Funky Art Smiths will be there again for the kids.
Cam has put together small mail out and handout soliciting for miniatures for out miniature competition.
Razertip will accept any miniatures that are mailed out from artists who may not be here.

22.           Adjourn Lori adjorned the meeting
Next meeting date: Next meeting Sept 8, 2015


SWAA Meeting
June 9, 2015

1.  Call to order

2.  Minutes from last meeting- Cam moved minutes be accepted as presented. Seconded by Paul Perron. Carried.

3. Business arriving from minutes. None.

4. Events Report
Our annual Potluck will be at Royers on Sunday, June 14th.

   Exhibition SWAA will have a booth again this year. Tuesday, Auguest 4 to Sunday, August 9. We are looking for volunteers to be at the booth between 2 o’clock and 8 o’clock.

5. Membership – no report.

6. Website – SWAA website banner has been updated to reflect Judy Kasdorf painting. More updates pending.

7. Newsletter Report – will have something soon.

8.  SRVAS Report - 28 people registered for the school. 3 or 4 independently. A good time was had by all. Consider possibly having school every two years rather than annually.

9. Treasurer's Report – no report

11. Other business – Wlll check to see if we are still a member of SCC. Are we receiving their newsletters?

10. Adjourn - Cam moved that meeting be adjourned

   Next meeting:  September 8, 2105


May 12, 2015

1.  Call to order

2.  Minutes from last meeting
Lana moved to adopt the minutes as reported
Seconded by Lola.

3.  Business Arising from minutes Beth will send out another email about ticket sales. The raffle items are being stored at Razertip.    

4. Finance Sask Lotteries has sent us 25% of last year's lottery sales. ArtsVest has sent us another $1,000.  

5. Sponsorships:
Sasktel is to be sent a letter to see if they will sponsor this year.     
Beth will contact Enbridge to see if they will sponsor the Gala Opening Event for 2015.  
Beth & Lana will review the sponsorship packages to forward any changes to Brian by Friday so that he can send them out.  

6.  Booths Brian has sent out the booth packages. Let Brian know of anyone who may be interested. Beth witll speak to the Camera Club.  

7. Graphics Posters and handouts have been printed. Look great! Contact Harvey Rebalkin ( if you need any posters. Small invitation cards have also been printed (8 per sheet, double sided; bright yellow). Beth will post them on the blog is members want to print any of their own.  

8. Advertising Harvey Rebalkin is collecting information as to who to send information to about our 25th Anniversary Show. He will contact Cam Hutchinson of the Express to arrange something there.  We will not be putting an ad in the City Life poster this year.

9. Competition  Lana will be finalizing the Rule book. Beth has updated the web-blog to reflect the changes to date.  

10. Records - data base? Mail-out?  

11. Judges  Harvey Welsh has picked up a few judges in Edmonton and will be contacting others that he had.  

12. Demonstrations A number of deomonstrations have been set up.  Beth has not heard back from Garth Harrison, Birch Bark Biter. We will have a photo slideshow continually playing. Beth will contact the Camera Club. Gail Bissett has been going through her photos. Could also invite Gord Taylor, SWAA photographers, Gramos, May Hega, and Greg Johnson ( Elizabeth Yonza will be contacted to see if the Saskatchewan Sculpture Association is interested in participating at the show. Fish fly tying demo's will be ongoing - same as last year.  

13. Workshops Loretta metger - Paverpol workshop Wendy Risdate - Pastel workshop Cecelia Elizabeth may be interested in doing a workshop, but Beth did not book more workshops since she is waiting to ensure that space is available. Harvey Welch is going to arrange carving workshops.  

14. Ribbons The ribbons are boing counted to see what we need.

15. Recording / Registration Lola, Beth and Audrey have updated the registration binders, supplies, etc. The carts used during the judging process are being stored at Lana's home. The carvers indicated that they do not feel their judges need a cart.  

16. Signage Beth, Audrey & Lola have reviewed the signs we have and Beth will meet with Lana (and anyone else interested) to discuss any additional needs.  

17. Venue Beth & Audrey have produced a draft floor plan. Once we have complete booth and workshop information it can be finalized. Where will the banquet be on Saturday night?

18. Volunteers Vijay Kachu has told Beth that she would be interested in helping out. Robin Claus has told Beth that she will help with the pumpkin carving. Beth will also ask Sara Binney (who works with community gardens) and Leo Mareshael to see if they will help with that event. Donna Herman 306-244-0259 told Beth that she will help out.

19. Events Wine & Cheese - Beth will contact Mayor Atchinson to see if he will attend the opening. Lori will contact Gail Adams to see if she will attend. Emails will be sent out to ensure that members know our target of 25 entries for the miniatures auction (Pin Carving / Postage Stamp). Pumping Carving - 1/2 proceeds of pumpkin sales will stay with the show and the other 1/2 will go to the Forestry Farm/Zoo to help out with their educational tours (Lori spoke to them). Celebrity Carvers - Beth will be sending out invitations. Let her know if you have any ideas about who could be invited. Lori (or Lana?) will contact Tanya Nault to see if she is willing to look after the Quick Draw.  Paul Perron will look after the Pin Carving event.

20. Auction Cam will contact Bud to ensure that they will be our auctioneers. Auctions artists will be advised that if they send in a digital image of the piece or pieces they are putting into the auction along with a brief bio of themselves by September 30 this would then be put into an auction leaflet for potential buyers at the auction to look at. Pieces can still be submitted during the registration days, but their information won't be in the auction leaflet. An invitation for submissions for auction pieces will be emailed out to artists.  Reasonable reserve bids will be permitted again.

21. Other buisness - none

22.  Cam moved to adjourn.

Next meeting date: June 9, 2015


SWAA MEETING April 14, 2015

1. Call to order. Condolences to Brian Dueck on the loss of his father. Congratulations to carvers on their successes at recent competitions. Reuban Unger placed first in his category, first in division and third best of show in the intermediate division at the world competitions. Bob Lavender also had a successful showing there. Austin Eade did well in Edmonton and Ernie Fehr received the best of show in the intermediate division.

2. Lana moved to adopt last months minutes as read. Brian seconded.

3. Business arising from minutes. Living Green Expo made lost of contacts. membership will be notified about a shop in Waskesieu looking to sell pieces of artwork. About 3 books of tickets were sold. Received a $900. check from ArtsVest.

4. Events Report Potluck at Royers on June 14th. Beth to contact members to see who is coming. Art in the Park at Caroline Robins school - SWAA has been invited to this venue. Exhibition - SWAA will have a booth again this year. Tuesday Aug 4 - Sunday

5. Membership list has been updated. Paul will send a list to Brian.

6. Website Blog has been updated with Judy Kasdorf's painting. Beth will update the SWAA site to include the same banner. Updates to the site will be complied and given to Paul

7. Newsletter Report - Beth still working on newsletter

8. SRVAS Report Three classes have been cancelled due to low enrollment. June 2 is the banquet at the school. This meal should be booked by May 15.

9. Treasurer's Report We will be getting a refund from the Collector's Show to relfect our non-profit status/rate.

ArtsVest has topped up our funds from last year to $1900.00.

10. Paul Perron moved that the meeting be adjourned.

Next meeting June 9, 2015


April 14, 2015

1.  Call to Order

2.  Minutes from Last Meeting Brian moved the minutes from the last meeting be adopted as read.  Don Penner seconded.

3.   Business arising from minutes - Beth will send out another email about tickets.

4.   Finance
 - Lotteries has sent us money from last years lottery for our 25%
  Artvest has sent us $1000.00

5.   Sponsorship
 Brian to send out sponsorship letters soon
 Brian to contact SaskTel. Some suggestions of new sponsors: -    Enbridge -    McCannell Financial -    Bennish Bitz & Company -    Orchard Veterinary -    Erco Worldwide -    J&S Picture Frame Warehouse -    Creative Closets -    Potash Corp, Patience Lake If anyone has new contacts for Brian to send out letters please let him know.

6.   Booths
 Brian will send out packages to potential booth clients.
  Serm and Weim's to have booths again at the show.

7.  Posters   Posters have been prepared and Harvey Rebalkin has some if anyone needs.

8. Advertising Harvey Rebalkin  will contact Bridges, Express regarding our show to see it they are interested in doing an article.  Also will contact Edna Manning to see if she is doing any freelance or can help.
We will not be putting an ad in the City Life poster these funds may be put elsewhere. (They charge $450)

9. Rules Lana still working on finalizing the Rules Book. Blog is being updated as the Rules are. 

10.  Judges
 Harvey Welsh working on getting judges in place. If anyone has any suggestions please contact Harvey. Some suggestions: Larry Minter, Wendy Risdale and Valerie Hinz. Beth has a large list of judges she contacts for the Arts Showcase at the exhibition. 

11.  Demos
 Have area where a slide show of photographers work can be displayed. The Saskatoon Camera Club may be interested in submitting images. Gail Bissett has been going through her photos and would be willing to submit some for the show. Other suggestions of photographers who may have images to submit include: the Grambos, Ernie Fehr, May Hage, Greg Johnson ( and of course, our feature artist, Gord Taylor. Kyle Reid had approached us at the Collector Show about chainsaw carving. (306-371-9574). Dave Kemp has been doing demos for many years, so we will stay with him.  We will invite Kyle to participate in the show as a competitor or in event X. The Saskatchewan Sculpture Association may be willing to demo. Elizabeth Yonza is a good contact for them.
Decoy floating demo to be conducted by Harvey Welsh
Fish fly-tying demo. Will confirm if they will be there.

12. Workshops Working on getting them finalized.
 - Loretta Metzger will do a Paverpol Workshop.
 - Wendy Risdale will do a Pastel Workshop
  - Cecelia Elizabeth interested in doing a workshop.
 Should know by next meeting of more workshops.

13. Ribbons
   -   Need to get a count of what we have and check on ordering them.

14. Recording/Registrations Lola is arranging to have Beth and Audrey to help update the recording binders etc.

15. Venue - A committee will meet to produce a floor plan of Hall C.

16. Volunteers   –   Donna Herman 306-249-0259 will help out.

17.  Events Beth will contact Mayor Atchinson to see if he will attend. Cocktail Carving & Postage Stamp Competition – we need to contact more artists if we are to reach our goal of 25 items in each competition

18.  Other Business We discussed artists having a reserve bid for the auction and will go with that (as we did last year), but will ensure that the audience knows that there are reserve bids on the items. A decision should be made about what should be done with the painting that won the Special Competition #2 by Sarah Wagner. Sharon Walker has donated this back to the association.

19   Paul Perron moved that meeting be adjorned.       

Next meeting date: May 12.

April 14, 2015  

1.    Call to Order 

2.    Adoption of minutes Audrey moved to adopt minutes as presented; seconded by Lola .    

3.   Business Arising from minutes J and S Picture Frame Warehouse has a sale on Picture Frames.

4.    Events     Lori Merkle has arranged a booth for SWAA at Saskatchewan Living Green Expo on May 1 & 2 at Prairieland Park for $50.  She will need help to set-up between 11 am and 3 pm on Friday. The show is open from 4 – 9 pm May 1 (Friday) and from 9 am – 9 pm on May 2 (Saturday). Volunteers will be needed to work at the booth. The Funky Artsmiths will be there to help out. Paul Perron will arrange to get the boards, raffle items, etc. to Lori once you are done with it in Yorkton. June Barbecue to be discussed at next meeting. 

5.   SWAA Membership - List is out but some corrections to be made and will be available at next meeting.  

6.   Website Report -  Update Banner with Elk Painting of Judy Kasdorf's. There are other updates to be made. Paul will give Beth the passwords necessary.

7. Newsletter is in the process of being put together.

8. SRVAS Report - planning is ongoing. Some of the classes may need to be cancelled due to poor enrolment. 

 9.   Treasurer's Report - Nothing to report at this time.

10. Other business - none Don Penner moves that meeting be adjorned.
March 10, 2015   

1.  Moved by Audrey B. Second by Lori M. that minutes of the last meeting be adopted.  

2. Beth reports that the Potluck Supper was successful given the bad weather.  

3. J&S Picture Frame Warehouse will offer a 10% discount for members. Thanks to Sheri for present and past support of our club.  

4.  The SWAA had a booth at the Collectors' show. Audrey B, Linda S, Lori M, Wayne K, Lola H, Leroy & Rina R, and Beth C were able to be at the booth, displayed their work and helped man the booth We sold raffle tickets and some of our artists sold work.  

5. Harvey W and Brian D with the help of Leroy R delivered boards, etc for the booth and assisted with the setup and take down.  

6. Paul P is looking for art work to take to Yorkton for the SWAA. Contact Paul if you have some pieces to send with him.  

7. There is no Earth Day at the zoo on April 22. Sask Environmental Society will provide booth rentals on Saturday, May 2 at the Farmer's Market.  

8. We will not participate in Ribfest this year.  

9. We have no membership report at this date. Audrey B will be in touch with Paul re this matter.

10. Beth will update the website banner.  

11. Beth will be working on a newsletter.  

12. Treasurer's Report: no changes  

13. Moved by Cam that we offer condolences to Les Potter (death of his wife) with flowers or a donation up to $100.00. Second - Brian D. Carried.  

14. Brian D is exploring the possibility of giving up our mailbox and using Cam's address at Razertip as a club address.  

15. Chris Klassen gave the club another donation of $130.00 resulting from his computer salvage business. Thanks Chris.  

16. Brian has signed on to a new program with Monaris to accept credit cards using mobile payment equipment. We will pay for the service only when required.  

Harvey R adjourned this part of the meeting.

March 10

1.  Cam M. moved adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting.      
Audrey B. second. Carried.  

2.   Beth contacted Al Weitzel and he indicated he will donate a stamp art miniature. We had to report on whether Bill Janman has been asked to contact carvers. Beth has not talked to either Joan Foulston or Tanyia Nault to contact the painters about donating miniatures to the 25th Anniversary show.  

3.   The Wood Workers Guild has no objection to a pumpkin carving competition at the show.  

4.   We have had a poor response from members requesting raffle ticket books. Contact Brian Dueck at to request some booklets to sell this summer.  

5.  A suggestion was received from Austen Eade regarding the possibility of shortening the show by one day Dropping a day would make it easier to out of town artists to attend the show. We will surface this idea for next year.  

6. Cam is printing posters and handouts which include the information that there will be no admission charged for the show this year. The handouts will be similar to the complimentary admission cards used in previous years.

7. Audrey B. adjourned the meeting 

  The next meeting is April 14, 2015.  

Feb 10, 2015

1.    Call to order
2.    Minutes – Brian Dueck moves to accept the minutes of the last meeting, Seconded by Lana Cowell.
3.    Events Report.   Paul Perron has a space booked in Yorkton’s Outdoor Sportsman Show April 18th and 19th.  He has 3 panels and room for carvings.  Anyone interested in sending anything with Paul please contact him.
Collectors show we have been accepted to attend. Dates are March 13, 14, 15 at Prairieland Ex Hall D.
Earth Day at Zoo waiting to hear back. This will be on April 22nd. Lori to try to get in touch with them.
Feb 24th  We will have a Pot Luck and Paint, carve etc. at the Holy Covenant Orthodox Church at 6:30. Bring food and your project you want to work on.
4.     Yearend report sent to Corporations Registry. 
5.    Nominations.  
President Beth Campbell let her name stand. No other nominations. Audrey moved that motions cease. Carried
Past President is Ruben Unger
Vice President.  Lana Cowell volunteered. Richard moved nominations cease. Carried.
Secretary.  Harvey Rebalkin/Harvey Welch will share secretarial duties.
Treasurer. Brian Dueck will stay on. Lana moves that nominations cease. Carried.
Events Coordinator. Paul Perron to take this position. Lori moves that nominations cease.
Newsletter coordinator. Beth Campbell has volunteered for this position. Lana moves that nominations cease. Carried.
Membership Coordinator.  Beth Campbell moves that we set up this new position. Seconded by Harvey Welch. Carried.
Audrey Boyd to accept this position to introduce new members to our organization and to keep in touch with our regular members. Brian moved that nominations cease. Carried.
6.    Letters of Introduction to suppliers to consider a discount or any other benefit to our members. Members will need to present a card which we will make available to our members. Out of town suppliers can also take advantage of this. Members can contact and advise Beth Campbell. 
7.    SRVAS    Grant application to New Horizons for Seniors Program has been approved. Further details to follow.
School posters and booklets are available to distribute and post. Contact Harvey Welch if you would need some. 
8.    Treasurers Report. Looking at using app to take credit cards wherever we need to take payments. Moneris to cancel our current account and we get the app to swipe credit cards.  This will save us considerable monies in banking charges. Cam Merkle moves that we do this. Lana Cowell seconded.  Carried. 
9.    Arts Fest Grant.  Beth reports that it looks like we have been approved. Total amount is yet to be finalized. 
10.  Chris Klassen.  Chris is still bidding on used equipment and refurbishing and then selling and any profits are put back into our club.  Most of the sales take place in Regina with a set pick-up date making it difficult for Chris to bid on those items. If any members know of someone in the Regina area willing to make occasional pick-up and store the equipment until arrangements are made to get them to Saskatoon, please let Chris know (contact Cam).  
11.  Lottery License. We are approved to sell tickets on 3 pieces. Tickets will be available shortly. Brian to put out a letter to members to sell tickets. 
12.  Brian Dueck moves that meeting to be adjourned. Carried
13.  Next meeting is March 10th


REFLECTIONS ART FESTIVAL -  February 10, 2015 

1.   Minutes of Last Meeting: Beth Campbell moves that we accept the minutes of the last meeting. Carried. 
2.   Location:  Hall C has been booked for the 2015 show at the same rate as last year. Beth Campbell and Lana will work on a new layout.
3.   Lottery:  We have been approved to run another Lottery (3,000 tickets) this year. Tickets will be available shortly with images of the three pieces on the back of each ticket book.  
4.   Admissions:  made a motion that we wave the admission fee for our 25th Anniversary show and that we have a donation box available at admission table for anyone wishing to donate to the show. Audrey Boyd seconded the motion Carried.  Admissions collected last year was $1658.00.  We are hoping to realize that amount via increased ticket sales and donations made at the door. Cam will have someone make a donation box.
5.   WINE & CHEESE Beth Campbell moves that we increase the cost of Wine and Cheese tickets to $20.00. Lola seconded. Motion was carried. 
6.   SWAA Cash Award of Excellence: This year it will be for Event 4 Division QD Monochromatic which is being reinstated this year.

7.   Miniatures Auction: We will try to have a minimum of 25 items in both special competitions to be auctioned in Sunday’s miniature auction. Lana will ask Bill Janman to reach out to carvers throughout Canada to donate cocktail carvings Special Competition 5.  We will be looking for someone to contact artists for contributions to the Stamp Art Competition 4 – The Wildlife Stamp Competition. Cam and Razertip: To accept all stamp art pieces and cocktail pieces that will be sent in by artists from other areas.

8.   Pumpkin Carving: This is to be held on Saturday times to be announced later and these will be auctioned off on Sunday. We hope to have some dignitaries as celebrity carvers do some carving here on Saturday.  Beth will contact the Woodworker’s Guild to ensure that we are not in conflict with their pumpkin carving event at Market Mall.

9.       Beth Campbell:  Meeting adjourned.

10.   Next Meeting on Mar 10, 2015

JANUARY 13, 2015

1.     Call to Order

2.     Minutes – Moved by Cam Merkle, seconded by Harvey Welch that the minutes from the previous meeting be accepted.  Carried.

3.     Name Change for SWAA – Beth indicated she had received feedback regarding the decision to change the name.  A committee has been struck and discussions will be held to come up with a name.  If anyone has ideas, please report to Beth.

4.     Events Report
-      Will check with Paul Perron at next meeting, to find out if he has contacted anyone yet re the Yorkton Sportsman Show.
-      Collectors Show (in March) – Beth left a phone message but hasn’t heard back yet.
-      Earth Day at the Zoo – Lori will check into this.

5.     Membership Report
-      Beth will check with Paul regarding the membership list before sending out letters to members.
-      Discussed using Paypal for renewing memberships online.

6.     Website Report
-      The blog is a good thing, however, it was decided we should still have a newsletter.
-      Perhaps hire someone to do the newsletter?  If anyone is interested or knows someone who is willing, please advise.  We will discuss further at the next meeting about forming a committee in this regard.

7.     SRVAS Report
-      Cam distributed a pamphlet & more will be printed once a few minor changes are made.
-      Please note the website address and share information on the school with as many people as possible.

8.     Treasurer’s Report
-      Our balance is $5,018.22.  Statements were handed out at the meeting.
-      If any club member wishes to look at the summaries, they are welcome to do so.  Contact Brian Dueck as he has all the information on a memory stick.
-      Motion:  Moved by Cam, seconded by Bob Gander that we waive the need for an audit on our books.  Carried.
-      Motion:  Moved by Cam, seconded by Bob Gander that we waive the need for a review on our books.  Carried.
9.     Committee Executive
President – Beth Campbell
Vice President - ?
Past President – Reuben Unger
Secretary – Harvey Rebalkin / Harvey Welch
Events Co-ordinator – ?
-      Beth will send out an email letting members know which positions need to be filled.

10.  Membership Dues
-      Motion:  Moved by Cam, seconded by Lori that we discontinue the $45.00 family membership and institute one membership fee of $30.00 per person or family.  Carried.
-      Issuing membership cards was discussed.  We could contact stores such as Hues and Cabela’s to see if they would honour a discount at their stores with our membership card.
New Business:
Annual Brunch & Gift Exchange:
     Bonanza Restaurant (corner of 8th Street & Arlington), January 18th from 12:30 - 4:00 p.m.  If you know of someone who might be interested in joining SWAA, please feel free to invite them.  Cost for members $11.00, non-members $15.00.
Moved by Brian Dueck, seconded by Harvey Rebalkin, that the meeting be adjourned.



Reflections Meeting 
January 13, 2015  

Call to Order

Chair   -    Lana reported that Gord Taylor is confirmed as the Feature Artist for 2015.
-      Lana has contacted Prairieland for final prices re the hall next year.
-      Statement of Net Assets – we have lost $2,123.71.
-      Our Visa/Mastercard costs very high – talked about obtaining the Foursquare app device for the iphone, as it would be much cheaper to use.
-      Lottery License – we only sold about half the books last year; we will make about $3,000.00 with the grant.
-      Brian Dueck applied for a lottery license in December and hopes to hear back within the next week or two.
-      We could bring down costs by each person paying for the supper Thursday night.
-      Cabela’s will allow us to sell “Associate Memberships” in SWAA at their store.
Records – will check with Paul Perron at the next meeting.
-      Need graphics for the poster. 
-      Re items for the raffle:  Judy will email Cam a jpeg of the elk painting; there should be another photo somewhere (taken by Joyce Welch) which would have been used for the 2011 Reflections Calendar.
-      Do we still want to advertise in City Life?  We will discuss at a future meeting.
Rule Books:
-      There shouldn’t be many changes to the rule books.  Lana will have a working copy for the next meeting.
-      One of the changes would be to keep the “monochromatic” division.  If only one entry, it would be noted that it would be combined with another division.
Committee Positions:
Co-Chairs – Lana Cowell & Beth Campbell
Secretary – Harvey Rebalkin / Harvey Welch
Judges – Harvey Welch
Rule Book – Lana Cowell
Ribbons - ?
Booths – Brian Dueck
Sponsorships - ?
Advertising – To be discussed (sub committee?)
Signage – Beth
Wine & Cheese
-      Raise the price to $20.00 from $15.00?
New Business:
-      Since we will be celebrating the 25th year of the show this year, it would be nice to invite some dignitaries to be present at the wine & cheese reception.  Brian Dueck will contact the Mayor’s Office to see if he would be available and could say a few words at the reception.  Other dignitaries could also be invited, i.e. the Premier, local MLA’s, etc.
-      Wolf Painting (Purchase Award) has been donated back to the club by Sharon Walker.  Brian Dueck will ask about the price we should have in mind if selling at auction next year.
Meeting Adjourned.

NOVEMBER 25, 2014     
SASKATCHEWAN WILDLIFE ART ASSOCIATION     1. Call to Order   2. Minutes – the minutes from last meeting were unavailable.   3. Name Change for SWAA - Discussed a name change to reflect the direction of SWAA to be more inclusive to other artists, not just wildlife. - MOTION: Moved by Cam Merkle, Seconded by Lana Cowell - That we strike a committee to explore the changing of the name of the Association. Carried. - The committee will consist of Lana, Beth & Cam. If anyone has ideas, please contact any one of the above.   4. Events:  - Sundog - December 5 - 7, 2014 - Workers have volunteered for most shifts. Still need carvers for Saturday - Leroy volunteered for the 11 a.m. till 4 p.m. shift. - A handbill to be printed to include 2015 dates for Reflections and Shekinah art school Social Functions  - Yorkton Sports Show - Paul will get billing information for Brian.  - Collectors Show - there was good interest; Beth will ask Wayne if we can participate again.  - Earth Day at the Zoo - April 22nd - Laurie will look into this.  Networking - Beth suggested a time of networking prior to meetings (for . hour), a time to visit and/or share ideas of what people have been working on. This will start at the next meeting, i.e. feel free to come to the church at 7:00 p.m. Regular meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. as usual.   5. Membership Report: - A “Welcome” letter will be sent to new members . - A letter will also be sent to those members who didn’t renew , noting that their membership has lapsed. - Membership fees are from October till October. - The date for the “Christmas in the New Year” party to be noted in the letters. - It was mentioned there are a few members who do not have email addresses - Beth will send out a letter to them, possibly twice a year, to advise of the events/functions of SWAA. - The ability to renew membership online was discussed. This would require a bit of research, but is possible.   6. Newsletter: - Since the blog has much of the information already, there is no plan for further newsletters at this time. Members are encouraged to access information on the blog. If anyone has information or articles to submit, please contact Beth. From time to time, Beth could print out items from the blog and send out to those on the membership who do not have access.   7.  Once we receive all the information from this year’s show, Paul will send out a complete membership list.   8. Treasurer’s Report - Complete spreadsheets are not done yet. - We will talk about the year-end audit or review in January. 9.  New Business: - We’ve had a video projector donated to the club by Chris Klassen. If anyone has a use for it, please contact Cam. - We should have an inventory of items in storage, i.e. what do we have and where is it stored? If you have items that you are storing for the club, please bring a list to the next meeting so we can start on the inventory.  NEW EXECUTIVE - we will do this in January.  CHRISTMAS IN THE NEW YEAR: Sunday, January 18th. Time and location to be confirmed.     Adjourned.   --------------------------------------------------    Reflections Art Festival Meeting November 25, 2014  This is a “brainstorming” meeting to discuss what went well at the show and where improvements might be made.   - Lana thanked the committee members for all their efforts towards making the show a success. Discussion took place & some of the comments were as follows: - People liked the mix of work interspersed throughout the hall   - Music was a nice addition – instrumental is preferable in our setting   - Need for better signage   - Artwork for sale to be better marked, i.e. a sticker of some sort  - Floor plan – not open enough for wheel chair access   - Best in Show awards placement to front of hall rather than on table?  - Cost of admission/registration too high?   - Grouping of panels could have been done differently  - Admission – offer a senior’s price / hand stamp / buttons / weekend pass   - Registration – offer bulk pricing   - Partnering with other shows, i.e. Quilters show.  Wildlife Rehab of Saskatchewan has shown an interest in a partnering arrangement.   - Look into using Hall C next year – Lana will contact Prairieland regarding this.   - Payment for workshops – assign someone specifically for workshops.   - 25th Anniversary next year       - Have “Collector’s” items available for sale?        - Display Best in Shows from previous years?        - Invite the mayor to be at the show; contact would have to be made soon.        - Pumpkin carving – pumpkins to be auctioned off.   - Feature Artist: Possibilities were brought forward for 2015, 2016 and 2017 and contact will be made with the particular artists discussed.  Committees        - Beth would like people to sit on a sponsorship committee with her.      - Possibly there could be a committee for advertising as well.   This will be discussed in January.   Executive Positions – Brought forward to January’s meeting. Moved by Gail Bissett, seconded by Brian Dueck, that the meeting be adjourned.   ADJOURNED.   

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