Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The 25th Anniversary of the Reflections show was great! Switching to Hall C was interesting. Way more visible, but lacking the luxury of the previous location. No carpet and not as much drapery made a more industrial feel. More room - different shape.

The free admission in the visible location brought in a lot of people. The vendors were impressed with the increased traffic. The donations received nearly matched our admissions from previous years.

Pumpkin carving generated lots of fun. One of the carvers went on to appear on Global News: (on her Frosty site).
Two of the pumpkins purchased were donated to Ronald McDonald House. Those were the pumpkins carved by Matt Bradley (98.3 Cool FM) and the Global News team of Ryan Kessler and Carly Robinson.

A bigger turnout for the Quick Draw and the Pin Carving on Sunday morning provided more for the afternoon's auction. And more items in the miniature competitions was great. 

A few bugs to work out - with the main glitch being our payment system. Monaris seemed to lock us out at critical times, like half way through the auctions.

An impressive auction booklet was produced but we forgot to put it out for the auction. Big oops.

Location of noisy workshops vs. areas where people congregate needs to be addressed. Not well planned this year.

The photo slideshow was not great. Trying to show some superb photos on a projector system did not work out well. The area would need to be darkened to show properly. We will be looking for another system for another year - perhaps a large screen TV.

Many of the volunteers organizing this event have been doing it for just about the entire 25 years and are becoming worn out. Some have been there for all the shows. We will be looking for "new blood" to add to the committee to plan our 2016 show if it is to continue as an annual event.

So - SWAA members - come out and help us plan.

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